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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

PRISM Award 2019

ICF Switzerland is proud to host the ICF PRISM Award Switzerland for the 3rd time!

The purpose of this Award is to help promote high quality standards of professional coaching, by honouring organizations of all sizes and in all sectors that have enhanced their organizational performance through the deployment of coaching for culture change, leadership and people development, organizational productivity and performance improvement.

Please help us identify those organizations – we need your nominations!

If you coach in an organization that might meet the requirements, please let us know and fill in the nomination form.

The nomination deadline is October 27th 2019. The Award will be celebrated during the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of November.

We are aiming to honor businesses and organizations with coaching programs that:

  • Fulfill rigorous professional standards

  • Address key strategic goals

  • Shape organizational culture

  • Yield discernible and measurable positive impacts

ICF is now accepting nominations for the 2019 ICF Prism Award Switzerland

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Prism consideration, an organization must meet the following criteria:

  • The nominee must be a business or organization that uses coaching, but is not a coach-training organization or a vendor of professional coaching.

  • The organization must be nominated by an external or internal coach who is a member of ICF Switzerland and holds an up-to-date ICF Credential, and has participated in the coaching initiative.

  • The organization must have begun implementing coaching no later than one (1) year prior to the opening of nominations, or January 1 2018.

  • The organization must consent to provide ICF with additional information that may be published in future press releases, testimonials, ads, marketing materials and/or case studies

What is the ICF Prism Award?

More and more organizations are utilizing coaching as a leadership strategy and experiencing significant positive results. The International Coach Federation (ICF) wants to continue to recognize these organizations!  Since 2005, more than 20 organizations have been honored with an ICF International Prism Award. The award has become the epitome of coaching excellence for companies and institutions using professional coaching programs to achieve impressive returns on investment while exceeding expectations.

The Prism Award celebrates organizations that have achieved excellence and have enhanced their organizational performance through the deployment of coaching for culture change, leadership and people development, organizational productivity and performance improvement.

What companies and organizations are eligible to be nominated?

Any organization with local, regional or global operations based in Switzerland can be nominated for our 2019 Prism Award Celebration in Switzerland, including:

  • Non-profit organizations and institutions

  • Small and mid-sized businesses

  • Large and multinational corporations

  • Public sector organizations 

What is the benefit for you to nominate a company or organization?

When you nominate a company for the Prism Award, you:

  • Position yourself as a leader in identifying how coaching creates business success.

  • Deepen your relationship with your client.

  • Contribute results-based testimonials to demonstrate how coaching works to a broad audience.

  • Generate greater recognition with clients and potential clients.

  • Help promote high quality standards of professional coaching

Award Selection Criteria for Organizations

Organization Qualifiers

The criteria used in selecting PRISM Award finalists are listed below.  The term “organization” refers to: private or corporate for-profit companies; non-profit agencies/NGOs/IGOs; governmental agencies; and/or divisions or departments of any of the aforementioned with offices in Switzerland.  

  • Organization uses coaching for leadership development, performance enhancement, team development and/or to support skills training. 

  • Organization demonstrates active use of coaching during nomination year (2018- 2019).

  • Coaching initiative or program has a senior sponsor who actively champions coaching within the business/ organization and/or coaching includes one or more members of senior leadership.

  • Organizational benefits are demonstrated from coaching, such as, but not limited to, reduced employee turnover, improved employee engagement, increased revenue, cost savings, funds raised, improved performance ratings, improved employee and/or customer satisfaction.

Program Qualifiers

  • Standards:  demonstrates a commitment to rigorous professional standards.

  • Effectiveness:  How has the coaching initiative been effective in achieving the intended goals and purpose?

  • Sustainable Impact:  How has coaching improved the culture of the organization?

  • Strategic Significance:   How has the initiative addressed significant issues within or for the organization?

Criteria to Distinguish among Nominees:

  • Clear articulation of the program (purpose, participants, process/methodology, outcomes)

  • Commitment (depth and breadth, plans for next steps, application of coaching as core to company values or accomplishing its mission)

  • Intentional (established goals)

  • Impactful (quantitative data and qualitative stories)

  • Sustainable (lasting impact, plans for next steps)

Coaching Program Description

A. The purpose of the program 

  • What type of coaching is the primary intent: leadership development, skill building, remedial focus, team development, accelerated learning (training plus coaching),or other

B. Participants: At what level within the organization is coaching received for this program or initiative 

  • Executives

  • Middle managers

  • Associates/Employees/Other

  • What proportion of targeted employees have completed or are engaged in the program

C. Process or Method 

  • Example – one on one coaching, team, coaching in addition to training

  • Use of internal or external coaches or a combination

  • If coaching skills are being taught – to whom and for what purpose



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