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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

ICF Global Leader Forum Update

3 day conference represented by 57 countries, 200 ICF chapter leaders, 26’000 global ICF members of which 15’654 credentialed, 117 chapters & 26 staff members at ICF HQ.

Main topics during the conference included :

  1. ICF Global's Strategic Plan (helping chapters to align with the global vision - see sketch above)
  2. Vision and Mission for Chapters and Regional Collaboration
  3. Chapter Resources & Tools
  4. Credentialing
  5. Membership Engagement
  6. Governance and Leadership Transition

Please click on the links below to download PowerPoint presentation about:

Where are we today (strategic goals till 2014) 

  • Establishing a world-class credential program:
  • We have currently 15’654 Credentialed Holders (33% increase). We received 5’734 Credentialing Applications.  There are ACSTH=267, ACTP=171.
  • Expanding the body of knowledge (research portal)
  • Build a high-performance organization
  • Creating sustainable governance
  • Become preferred resource for the business community (creating a value proposition for partnering with ICF)
  • Leveraging Research i.e. 2013 Organizational Coaching Study, 2014 Global Consumer Awareness Study, Building a Coaching Culture

Where do we want to be tomorrow and the days after: ICF Global’s Proposed Strategic Plan (future): 

  • ICF members represent excellence in Professional Coaching
  • ICF is the most relevant professional coaching organization
  • ICF has the strongest global brand
  • ICF promotes professional coaching
  • ICF fosters professional coaching, coaching skills, and coaching mindset being an integral part of society
  • ICF celebrates 20 years of existence this year   


ICF Global is celebrating 20 years of existence this year

ICF has decided to celebrate its anniversary by creating a COACHING CARAVAN initiative. "ICF en tour - Coaching beyond Bounderies" will be launched at the ICF conference in London on Sept 19 and much like for the Olympics, a flag will be passed on from country to country to celebrate the ICF global anniversary. 22 countries are participating to date and numerous activities are planned around the Coaching Caravan by each ICF Chapter. ICF Switzerland will hand over the flag and celebrate on October  9th in Zurich and Geneva on 13th. More details on the events and celebrations will follow in due time.

For any queries on the Global Leader Conference or the 20 yrs anniversary of ICF, you may contact sonja.robinson(at)



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