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Hire a Coach - Tips

Coaches are hired by organizations or privately by individuals.

Finding a Coach as an Organization

Such coaches are often termed Corporate or Executive Coaches. They may be internal and work exclusively for the organization, or external, brought in as part of a company sponsored intervention.  Corporate Coaches will work closely with the organization to ensure that coaching meets both the objectives of the coachee and the organization.

  • With corporate coaching, the company pays for the coaching intervention and takes an active part in the development of the coaching program
  • The coaching program is often part of a bigger development process within the organisation
  • Corporate coaches can work one-to-one , with groups or a combination of both
  • Coaching success criteria are often agreed by the coach, coachee and organization.
  • The company has some input in to the agenda or focus of the coaching.

Finding a Coach as an Individual

Such coaches are often termed Life Coaches or Personal Coaches. Some Executive or Business Coaches also work privately with clients who want to deal with work-related issues separately from the workplace.

What to consider when choosing a Coach (Organizations AND Individuals)
Coaching is a partnership between client and coach. Personal chemistry is an important element of the coaching relationship. You will need to ask yourself: Am I really comfortable with this person? Do I feel I can trust him or her?

As well as feeling confident you can work with the coach, what else should you consider?

  • Training and qualifications – what training has the coach received? Is the coach accredited by an independent body such as the ICF? Click here for information on ICF credentials
  • Experience – does the coach have a proven track record of working in your environment?  Do they have testimonials and references to back this up?
  • How will they work with you? – what models or methods will they use? How flexible are they in adapting what they are offering to what you feel you need?
  • Does the coach belong to a professional body such as the ICF?

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