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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

ICF Switzerland Chapter Bern: Virtual event

What is Psychological Safety and why is it the key to creativity?

Monday, 21st of June, 2021 18h30 - 20h00

Dr. Alenka Braček Lalić



In today’s work environment, we must meet all sorts of expectations and deadlines, be constantly ahead of the game, excel in leadership, continually learn, and at the same time be innovative, creative and agile. But it is extremely important that we achieve all these complex goals in an environment in which we feel psychologically safe. Otherwise, we are on a highway to the anxiety hell.

Instead of the anxiety zone, we should be aiming to create a psychosocially safe environment where we are not afraid to speak up and express our opinions, where we are not afraid to make mistakes, where we can be authentic—i.e. one in which we aim at high performance but can be ourselves at the same time. In such working environment, we can be agile, creative and innovative, and we can excel in cognitive flexibility – which is one of the competencies required to stay relevant to the current and future leadership challenges.


The workshop aims at:

  • explaining the Psychological Safety (PS) phenomenon and clarifying the connection between PS and creativity;
  • giving insights into concrete examples of fearless and anxious organisations;
  • sharing the leadership tool that could help organisations in establishing PS in their working environments. 

ICF Core Competencies

  •     Maintains Presence
  •     Listens Actively
  •     Evokes Awareness
  •     Learns and applies a new coaching tool

About the speaker

Dr. Alenka Braček Lalić

Dr. Braček Lalić is an Executive and Leadership Coach. Researcher. Idealist. She is a Founder and Managing Director of the AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP Institute, located in Slovenia. Its purpose is serving Authentic Leaders in thriving and making a meaningful difference in their world. Before founding the institute, Dr. Braček Lalić held several leadership positions in the field of management education, like: 1) she had been the Vice Dean for Research at IEDC-Bled School of Management (5 years); 2) she had worked as the Co-Director of EMBA study program at IEDC-Bled School of Management where she acted as a Team Coach to EMBA Teams working on consulting projects (3 years), and 3) she had served as the Director of International Quality Accreditation at CEEMAN Association of Business Schools (5 years). In the first 10 years of her career, she was an Advisor to the Minister for Education, Science, and Sport; Young Researcher; Head of International Office at the University of Ljubljana and a Senior Advisor at the Slovene Quality Assurance agency for Higher Education. 


You will get 1.5 CCUE's for this event.




Date: Monday, 21st of June, 2021


18h30 - 20h00 Workshop and discussion

Organized by ICF Chapter Bern

Lea Weyermann Lozar, ACC, Chapter Co- Leader



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