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Virtual Campari Bar – Looking forward to 2022

Thursday, 3. February 2022, 18:30 – 20:00

Jennie Fletcher & Carmen Timor

This Coaches’ Community gathering is about re-connecting with one-another, to review last year and related learnings, to have an opportunity to look into this new year and what wants to surface.

Benefits for the participants? What are the Learning objectives?

  • Connect to other coaches
  • Reflect on your own learning in 2021
  • Brainstorm on what could be the best you as a coach in 2022
  • Who could support your best hopes and how


Carmen Timor is a creative and people person. Wherever she goes in the world, her curiosity and connections with others inspire discovery and learning. This is the Agile and growth mindset which she brings to her life and work. Carmen’s corporate career has taken her to four continents and over 20 countries; she had a successful and rewarding 10+ years in Global Change Management, Project Management, Coaching- Continuous improvement and Training & Development.

Carmen is an Accredited Associate Coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching, and is certified as an Agile Coach, Team Coach, Ontological Coaching and Agile Leadership.


Jennie Fletcher is passionate about unleashing potential in teams, individuals and brands and making a positive difference to people. She creates trust by trusting in the capabilities and growth of others as well as herself, even when it’s not initially recognized within. She’s applied this to multi-country teams and business units she’s led in her corporate career, to the client teams she’s supported over the past 20 years as a business consultant, to setting up two businesses of her own, and to her three adult daughters as they navigate life. Life is full of ‘learning moments’ and change, enjoy the journey, bring the joy!

Jennie is an Accredited Associate Coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching, and is certified as an Agile Coach, Agile Team Facilitator and a Team Coach.

Both Carmen and Jennie’s coaching styles draw on a range of approaches and they thrive on creativity.


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Thursday, 3. February 2022, 18:30 – 20:00

Organized by

ICF Switzerland Basel / Zurich Chapters



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