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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

ICF Swizerland Charter Chapter, Virtual Event

Somatic Approach: Coaching of the Body-Mind

Monday, 29th of March, 2021 , Tijen Genco


This session intends to introduce participants to somatic coaching approach as a deeply-transformative tool for both the coaches and/or their clients. Coaching and mind-body practices are major fields of study in their own rights, requiring their own depths of study.Therefore, Tijen’s intention of this session is to introduce the participants to the concept of somatic approach to create further curiosity, and to expand their coaching vocabulary along with their coaching tool set. 

In addition to concept introduction, Tijen will share the method she has developed over the years during this session and offer some specific exercises to demonstrate its application. Desired goal is to get you started on the path if these subjects are new to you or help move you further down the path if you have already started the journey.
Tijen offers a wealth of experience in both areas of coaching and mind-body as a mentor and instructor, as well as being a practitioner for some twenty years in both areas of study. Depending on the level of experience of our audience, we may have the possibility of additional exercises. Tijen always welcomes and encourages active participation. Therefore, please come with the intention of sharing your own perspectives, experience and approaches.

ICF Core Competencies

  • C3 - Creating Trust and Intimacy
  • C4 - Coaching Presence
  • C5- Active Listening 
  • C5 - Powerful Questioning
  • C8 - Creating Awareness 

About the speaker

Tijen has expertise in every aspect of coaching as a practitioner, mentor, and educator. She is an Executive, Life and Wellbeing Coach, specializing in Cultural Transformation through mindful awakening of individuals and companies by combining neuroscience and transcendental approaches to behavioral change. Tijen draws strength from her skillset to coach leaders towards excellence in strategic and global leadership and effective communication with all stakeholder groups across geographical and organizational cultures. She provides senior leadership coaching and workshops to corporate clients worldwide. She served on the board of International Coaching Federation (ICF), Philadelphia Chapter, as the VP of Education and Professional Development, and she provides mentor coaching and lectures in the academic environment. Her students and mentees show significant development from her direct, caring, and informative feedback. She extends her specialty of cultural transformation and behavioral change coaching to organizations in the healthcare industry by enabling desired behaviors towards better health. For this purpose, Tijen uses her unique approach of incorporating mindfulness and neuroscience into behavioral change. Tijen also participates in corporate social responsibility efforts. In 2013, she served three months in India towards improving the quality of maternal health services in rural areas by coaching across complex sponsoring organizations, NGOs and social workers.
ICF Core Competencies


Certified coaches will receive 1.5 CCEUs for participations.



Monday, 29th of March, 2021

18.30 to 20.00 online workshop and discussion


Organized by ICF Chapter Bern

Alexandra Philipona, PCC, Chapter Leader



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