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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

ICF Bern Chapter: Virtual event

How to use habit to change how you’re thinking, acting and being

Monday, 7 March, 2022 – 18:30-20:00      

Olof Ekman



45% of what you do in a day is controlled by habits. But often when we think of habits, we think of things like biting our nails, checking our phones, or doing regular exercise - which are all habits of course. And by changing them, we can change the trajectory of who we are. But what’s often missed when talking about habits is that we can also use habits to change how we think when we deal with things like shame, stress, excitement, anxiety, or pride. And by changing how we think, we can easier change how we act.

Benefits for the participants? What are the Learning objectives?

At the workshop, you will:

  • Learn what habits are & the science behind habits
  • Discuss how habits shape who we are and our identity
  • Explore tools, tips & techniques to change your habits (overt & covert)
  • Get to commit to one habit you wish to change

ICF Core Competencies

  • Creating Awareness
  • Designing Actions
  • Planning and Goal Setting 
  • Managing Progress and Accountability

About the speakers

Olof is a Swede living in Berlin with 14 years of experience in the world of advertising, start-ups, organizational development, and coaching. He’s a certified ADAPT health coach and with his program ‘The 1-Month Habit Experiment’, he has equipped over 350+ with the skills to change their habits to live a more fulfilling life. He’s also the founder of 'five degree change', dad of two, a DJ on the side and a meditation buff.



You will receive 1.5 CCEUs: 1 CCEU Core Competencies, 0.5 CCEU Resource Development



Monday, 7th March, 2022


18h30 – 20h00 online workshop

Organized by

Alexandra Philipona, PCC, Chapter Leader



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