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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

ICF Switzerland Chapter Basel: Virtual event

Courageous Questions: Coaching Leaders Through The Perils Of 21st Century

Tuesday, 4th of May 2021, 19.00 – 20.30 CET

Dost Can Deniz



Current context provides a challenging environment for both leaders and their coaches. To be able to support their clients, coaches must walk a similar path of coaching (and leading) through volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. This cannot stay at cognitive level, as the impact of being in such environment is mostly emotional and visceral. We as leaders and coaches need to be able learn to stay awake in the midst of chaos and not resort to tried – but necessarily true and rather tired methods and approaches. We need to learn to stay awake and learn to disturb and ourselves at a rate we can tolerate so that much needed change and a better equilibrium can be created.
In this talk we will talk about the parallel journeys of the coach and the client and how we can support ourselves and others to do this through and to a stance of Strong Body, Open Heart and Clear Mind.

In this talk we will explore:

  • How to make sense of the data presented by our client and help them arrive at a better understanding of the situation they are facing,
  • How to manage our own reactivity in face of volatility, complexity and uncertainty and help our clients to do the same,
  • How to help our clients acknowledge, face and make sense of strong emotions instead of avoiding or acting on them so they can make better leadership interventions.

Benefits for the participants

  • To understand a more systemic understanding of challenges our clients face
  • To learn a new lens to help assess where are potential intervention points as coach
  • To learn a method to work with unresolved emotions resulting from living in highly complex situations
  • To try on an approach to stay centered and grounded as coach as we support our clients as they go through difficult times.

Core competencies

  • Meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards
  • Establishing trust and intimacy with client
  • Establishing the coaching agreement
  • Creating awareness
  • Direct communication
  • Coaching presence
  • Active listening
  • Powerful questioning


Dost Deniz is the first Master Certified Coach in Turkey and South East Europe with more than 19 years of experience, and over 7,500 hours of coaching under his belt.

He is the head coach and founder of MareFidelis Coaching and Consulting, the premier coaching company in the region, serving leaders from many walks of life. Dost is also a co-leader and cofounder of Gestalt Center for Coaching, an ICF Accredited Coach Training provider. Dost coaches executives, designs and delivers leadership development programs and trains aspiring coaches in USA, Canada, Israel, Dubai and Turkey.

Dost has extensive experience coaching C – level, high driving executives and leaders. He has coached Managing Directors, CEOs, General Managers, SVPs, AGMs and executive teams of top 500 regional companies and of Fortune 500 global companies. He specializes in coaching the top leader and his/her executive team, a high impact intervention.

Dost is also a co-founder of Gestalt Center for Coaching. Dost co-leads the Gestalt Coaching Program, and ICF Accredited Coach Training Program and other advanced programs such as Path of Mastery in Gestalt Coaching, Gestalt Groupworks – Coaching Teams and Groups. He has designed and delivers Mastery in Coaching Leaders and Executives in Complex Organizational Settings, a very highly acclaimed program.

Dost had the opportunity to support through significant personal and organizational challenges and opportunities, while also pursuing his own interest into both practical and conceptual frameworks of human and organizational development. This experience, together with his formal education (B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering, MBA Business Administration), and work experience in Finance and Treasury, and many years of professional training in Gestalt Organization and System Development, Political Systems, Business Strategy, Human behavior and development, Organization and leadership theory, has helped him to distil an approach that puts him in high demand among high level and upwardly mobile executives.

Dost believes meaningful and sustainable change happens:

  • Experientially – by inviting clients to become aware of their immediate contextual responses (e.g., physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive)
  • Existentially – by encouraging client’s awareness of self and others, which yields “data” that informs actions to achieve desired outcomes. This also involves gathering data from multiple sources and perspectives, including assessment tools and interviews.
  • Experimentally – by collaboratively and creatively supporting client’s safe exploration of alternative perceptual and behavioral choices.

Dost has been a practitioner and teacher of Insight meditation, Eastern Martial Arts, and Qi Gong many years. So his approach is integral, helping clients to achieve “Strong Body – Clear Mind – Open Heart” to develop capacity to stay present to all the challenges of the complex organizational, economic, political and behavioral context they are operating in.


You will receive 1.5 CCEUs: 1 CCEU Core Competencies, 0,5 CCEU Resource Development



Tuesday,4th of May 2021, 2021, 19.00 – 20.30 CET


ICF Swiss members: no charge

ICF Global members: Fr. 10

Non-members: Fr.20 



Organised by

Lilly Sitzler Spicher, PCC, ICF Basel Chapter Leader

Pinar Guggiola, PCC, ICF Basel Chapter Member



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