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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

ICF Basel Community: Virtual event

Coaching Gym: Deliberate Practice Workout – Session 2

Monday, 27 of June, 2022– 18:30-20:00      

Roland Kienzler & Jennie Fletcher



A safe forum within our community of peer coaches to practice and grow, this workshop provides a supportive space to experiment with different approaches to a coaching aspect of your choice through deliberate practice in small groups.  Rather like a coaching gym where we continue building our muscle through repetition and minor adjustments. Only we know what we need to work on. Is it “How to field requests for advice?”, or “How to coach the person, not the problem?”, or something else entirely?  You decide! With regards to language preferences we will ask participants to select a language of choice to coach / be coached in order to set up groups accordingly.

After a brief introduction on the nature of deliberate practice and how to get the most out of the session, you will have one 70-minute breakout in a small group with 3 peers (triad Client, Coach, Coach’s Coach - rotating) working on the principles of deliberate practice.  In the breakout you’ll have 10 minutes to share your topics, establish who plays which role first, and for the Client role to prepare.  You’ll experience 20’ in each role and the focus in each round (3 in total) is the particular aspect the Coach wants to practise.  The Coach’s job is to try out many different approaches during their 15-minute exercise; each may only take a minute, so you can get lots of reps in. Deliberate practice is all about repetition and minor adjustments. Five minutes will be devoted to Coach feedback.  After the breakout, the final 15’ in plenary will reflect on group learnings.  We’ll also gauge interest in continuing the concept of Coaching Gym workouts within our community.

3 different roles:
Client: Be prepared to play out a client situation on the coach’s focus topic 
Coach: Please reflect beforehand on the topic you would like to take up and practise.  Let the others in the triad know so that the Client can prepare appropriately, and the Coach’s Coach can support you in this learning and experimentation.  
Coach’s Coach (& the Time-Keeper): Use your coaching skills to support the Coach.  Ask questions that encourage further experimentation as appropriate, such as:

  • What’s another approach you could take?
  • What’s another way to respond?
  • What are you noticing about the client?
  • Rewind and try this...

Hold your feedback until the end of the Coach’s demonstration.  

Roles will rotate for each round
Client → becomes the Coach
Coach → becomes the Coach-of-the-Coach
Coach’s Coach → becomes the Client

Benefits for the participants? What are the Learning objectives?

  • Build on your coaching confidence 
  • Experiment with new approaches, be bold, and learn more about a particular aspect of your coaching in a safe space 
  • Support and develop yourself and others as coaches 
  • Identify others who can support you in your continuous learning journey

ICF Core Competencies

  • Foundation
  • Co-Creating the Relationship
  • Communicating effectively
  • Cultivating the learning & Growth

About the speakers

Roland Kienzler is an experienced consultant, coach and mentor who works with c-level as well as emerging leaders and leadership teams across different industries and geographies.
Roland spent 25+ years as a manager, leader and business owner and brings together an in-depth understanding of the complex eco-systems leaders live in, with human insight and a passion for leadership development and assessments, growth mindset and eternal learning. 
Roland held senior positions in different specialist and generalist roles with international responsibility in SME’s and global corporations and acts as a member of supervisory boards and works also as a lecturer.  
Roland is an accredited Coach and Mentor by International Coaching and Mentoring Federations like ICF, EMCC and GTCI. He holds master degrees in:  Human Resources, Communications and Law and gained a dual degree MBA from Universities of St. Gallen, Switzerland (HSG) and Toronto, Canada (UofT).  He holds postgraduate diplomas in Digital Transformation, Design Thinking and Leadership Development. 
Born and raised in Switzerland, and with his own company - - he works with local and international clients and lives with his wife and a daughter, Livia (12), in Switzerland. Roland is based in the Basel area in Switzerland and is a FC Basel supporter. He loves good food and nice wines.

Jennie Fletcher is passionate about unleashing potential in teams, individuals and brands and making a positive difference to people. She creates trust by trusting in the capabilities and growth of others as well as herself, even when it’s not initially recognized within.  She’s applied this to multi-country teams and business units she’s led in her corporate career, to the client teams she’s supported over the past 20 years as a business consultant, to setting up two businesses of her own, and to her three adult daughters as they navigate life.  Life is full of ‘learning moments’ and change, enjoy the journey, bring the joy!  
Jennie is an Accredited Associate Coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching, and is certified as an Agile Coach, Agile Team Facilitator and a Team Coach. 



Are requested.



Monday, 27 of June, 2022


18h30 – 20h00 online workshop

Organized by

ICF Switzerland Basel Community
Roland Kienzler, ACC
Jennie Fletcher



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