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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

24-3-2015 - Chapter Meeting Suisse Romande

Conversations That Make Things Happen

With Justin Wise, PCC

March 24th 2015

Speaking and listening well are behind all human endeavours, and can resolve many difficulties. This workshop will show how you and your clients can develop skill in speaking so that what matters happens.

It turns out – though many of us don’t spot it – that the whole of the human social world is brought about by conversation. It’s because of this that many of the difficulties that our clients face can be resolved by developing a deeper understanding, and more skill, in speaking and listening to others: being able to make powerful requests, understand the nature of promises, and tell the difference between the purpose of different kinds of talking. Another part of it is being able to skillfully respond when things don’t turn out as we’d hoped – when something we thought was agreed didn’t happen, or when we don’t feel able to keep a commitment we’ve made.

 How To Get There:

Address: Webster University, 9 Route de Collex (Back entrance, close to the train station GENTHOD-BELLEVUE), 1293 Bellevue.
Attendees should park on the Parking Sud which is the closest to the train tracks/lake.

Invitation to our monthly ICFS Suisse Romande Chapter Event in Bellevue

Date:Tuesday March 24, 2015
18:30-19:00 welcome and sign-in
19:00-21:00 workshop and Q&A; speaker: Justin Wise
21:00-22:00 apéro and networking
Location:Webster University, Commons Room; 9 Route de Collex, 1293 Bellevue
Fees:CHF 10 - ICF Swiss members
CHF 20 - ICF members
CHF 40 - for non-ICF members


1. Distinguish between different parts of speech that occur in everyday relationships (at work, in life), in order to be more purposeful and effective in speaking with others.

2. Spot and respond to ways in which conversations frequently run into trouble.


Core Competencies: Establish Trust and Intimacy with the Client; Powerful Questioning; Create Awareness


Justin Wise, PCC, ThirdSpace Coaching, London, UK 

Justin is a coach, writer, organisation consultant and educator. He coaches and consults to organizational clients both in the UK and internationally. His clients include lawyers, space scientists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and healthcare professionals. He holds an MSc in People and Organisation Development from The Roffey Park Institute, where he is now a member of the faculty, as well as degrees from the Universities of Cambridge and London.

He is certified as an Integral Coach with New Ventures West in San Francisco and with the ICF and holds a Certificate in Group Process Consulting from the NTL Institute (USA). He is a senior member of New Ventures West’s teaching faculty and teaches  integral coaching in the UK through his company thirdspace coaching.

Justin writes daily on topics related to coaching and development at

Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEUs)

You will receive 2 ICF CCEUs for your participation.

Organisé par l’équipe ICF Suisse Romande

Esther Goette

Veronica de la Fuente

Michal Abel

Catherine Hickel



Webster University
9 Route de Collex (Back Entrance, close to the train station GENTHOD BELLEVUE)
1293 Bellevue

Attendees should park on the Parking Sud which is the closest to the train tracks



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