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Bern Past Events

23 Jan 2023

New Year’s Apéro in Bern

Let’s start the New Year with a fun Apéro in the beautiful old town of Bern.

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18 Feb 2020 | Chapter Bern

"The fifteen frames of mind” or Emotional Intelligence (EI) in Action

The idea that people are rarely emotionally affected by external events but rather by their thinking about such events goes back to ancient Stoic…

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21 Jan 2020 | Chapter Bern

The Freedom Coach Experience

Learn the Secrets to Growing and Scaling Your Coaching Business by Playing A Game!

The Freedom Coach Experience™ is a game to teach you the…

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19 Dec 2019 | Chapter Bern

“Emotional Literacy for Coaches” Renatus Hoogenraad

During this 90 minutes session you’ll be invited to learn how to better understand emotions.

As a coach working with emotions can be particularly…

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12 Nov 2019 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Die wirksame Nutzung der Umstellkompetenz von Coaching-Kunden

An diesem Abend geht es speziell um die Kompetenz uns neu einzustimmen, wenn das Leben nicht so will wie wir.

Mit Kunden einen wirksamen Anfang so…

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25 Jun 2019 | Chapter Bern, Outdoor - Guemligen

International Coaching Week: Experience Outdoor Coaching !

In dem Workshop wirst du erfahren und lernen, was Outdoor Coaching ausmacht, welche Methoden es gibt.

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30 Apr 2019 | Chapter Bern, Outdoor - Guemligen

International Coaching Week: Experience Outdoor Coaching !

26 Mar 2019 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Anna Sagalova: Maximise Your Impact: A Workshop on Personal Branding

In the fast changing, complex and highly competitive professional world, personal brand is increasingly becoming a “must have” for any professional.

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12 Feb 2019 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Jessica J. Lockhart: Coaching Games - fun, creative and insightful tools to help you in your coaching practice.

During this 90 minutes session you’ll be invited to discover some fun coaching tools that use games and photographs to inspire new interpretations of…

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11 Dec 2018 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Applying Design Thinking concepts to develop meaningful insights and actions

During this 90 minutes session you’ll be invited to learn and experience the ICF core competency “Facilitating learning and results”.

You will get a…

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03 Jul 2018 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Supervision in Coaching

A lot of things are said about Supervision. A lot of people define themselves as Supervisor. But in fact, what is Supervision, what is a professional…

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15 Mar 2018 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Clean Language - a powerful and effective way to gain authentic information

This evening workshop will introduce you to Clean Language – a powerful and effective way to communicate which gets to the heart of things. Clean…

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05 Dec 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

NLP (Neuro-Linguistisches Programmieren) heute: Entstehung, Entwicklung und Anwendung

Mario Farber

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24 Oct 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Experience Coaching using Disney Strategy

Agnieszka Rychlewska, ACC

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05 Sep 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Phototherapie im Coaching - die emotionale Kraft der Bilder

by Sabrina Streit, PCC

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10 May 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Letting go of certainties by navigating the unknown

A set of practical and interactive exercises for the coach to become more aware of what is happening in the present moment and fully engage with that.…

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22 Feb 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Gebrauch von Werkzeugen der Gestalt im Coaching

Lebenssituation mit Schachfiguren aufstellen. Spielerischer Umgang mit schwierigen Themen. Systemische Zusammenhänge aufzeigen

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24 Jan 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Ethics in Coaching

"Ethics in Coaching" - it is getting more and more awareness and from this year on it is also required by the International Coach Federation for your…

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07 Dec 2016 | Dr. Ernst Bechinie

Working with Fears and Emotions in Coaching

Understanding and excepting my emotions behind my actions gives me confidence and energy for what I do. With this I moved to a next level of…

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02 Nov 2016 | T. Daneschwar Roux, S. Streit - Coaching Square Swiss

Coachen mit dem Process Communication Model®

Process Communication Model® vermittelt praxisbezogene Techniken für Führung, Teamarbeit und Kundenorientierung. Es ist ein umfassendes…

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20 Sep 2016 | Katrina Burrus, MCC

Social Media and Coaching

14 Jun 2016 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

The Magic of Organisational Coaching - Part 2: : "Transforming exhausted organisations"

18 May 2016 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Marco Spahr: Stressmanagement

22 Mar 2016 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

The Magic of Organizational Coaching - Part 1: Organisational Burnout

19 Jan 2016 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Energie Management

15 Dec 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Peter Szabo, MCC: Die Kraft eines einzigen Gespräches - Zehn Vor-Weihnachtsgeschichten voller Möglichkeit und Wunder

17 Nov 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Willem Jan Hofmans: A framework to capture impact of leadership coaching

14 Oct 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Renatus Hoogenraad: Stakeholder Mapping for Coaches: A tool to grow your own business and to give clarity to your clients

15 Sep 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Panel Discussion: The Use of Coaching in Swiss Companies

09 Jun 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter, Kramgasse 73, Bern

Jesper Christiansen: Building Trust and Intimacy with your clients (as an alternative to "dealing with resistance")

06 May 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter, Kramgasse 73, Bern

Alex Khatuntsev, HR Director: Coaching Business Marketing Mix

24 Mar 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter, Kramgasse 73, Bern

Dr. Ernst Bechinie, MCC: Der Weg in die Selbständigkeit

25 Feb 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter, Kramgasse 73, Bern

Marius Boesch: Leistungssport & Coaching

20 Jan 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Marina Riedi: Emotional Intelligence

15 Dec 2014 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Lori Palmer: Internal Coaching

20 Oct 2014 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Renatus Hoogenraad: Improviation skills for coaches



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