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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

Past Chapter Events

05 Jul 2022

Networking Event in Zurich

We invite you all to join for a face-to-face Networking Apéro.

Come and meet your local community of coaches and members
Get to know the ICF…

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27 Jun 2022

Coaching Gym: Deliberate Practice Workout – Session 2

A safe forum within our community of peer coaches to practice and grow, this workshop provides a supportive space to experiment with different…

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22 Jun 2022

Le Pouvoir du Coaching Spirituel en Entreprise avec Moëra Saule

20 Jun 2022

Reinventing Your Business Strategy to Maximize Your Coaching Business

Most of us have heard the quote, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” by Lewis Carroll, and it couldn’t be truer in a…

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14 Jun 2022

Espace Ouvert

08 Jun 2022

Spring Apéro & Networking, ICF Lausanne Community

02 Jun 2022

Credentialing with the International Coaching Federation made easy!

As the coaching market is maturing, it is increasingly important to demonstrate credibility and professionalism as a coach. Most coaching buyers today…

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31 May 2022

The What & How of Value-Creating Teams: when Team coaching meets Liberating Structures (EN)

20 May 2022

Building Coaching Cultures: Inside and Out (a roundtable discussion)

During this interactive roundtable we will explore the intersection between internal and external coaching cadres as a way to build sustainable,…

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18 May 2022

Activez votre Enfant Interne et devenez inarrêtable ! avec Johan Van de Put




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