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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

16.10.2019 - ICF Chapter Meeting Basel

Patterns of customer relationships - Solution-focused systemic structural constellation work in coaching, counseling and leadership

Moderator: Franziska von Blarer and Marco Ronzani


What is your attitude towards your customers, clients and employees? What relationship patterns do you have with them? Are your patterns useful to those involved and their goals? Are they balanced enough to maintain a positive energy without negatively affecting others or even yourself as a coach, consultant or leader?

Systemic structural constellations offer the opportunity to make implicit, unconscious patterns of relationships between elements of a system (structures) visible. With persons in the room representing the elements, we can map the structure and develop opportunities for improvement.

In this workshop, representatives will illuminate participants' relationship patterns as coaches or leaders for their clients or employees, and we will explore what is useful and what can be improved.


The workshop helps the participants

  • strengthen awareness of implicit relationship patterns in coaching, counseling and leadership
  • influence and improve their own relationship patterns for their own benefit and that of their customers and employees
  • recognize the functionality and benefits of solution-focused systemic structural constellations work
  • make coaching, counseling and leadership more effective, simpler and easier
  • exchange knowledge and experiences about relational patterns and learn together

Focus on the following ICF core competencies:

Establish a coaching agreement

  • Establish trust and intimacy with the client
  • Presence in coaching
  • Effective questioning
  • Create awareness
  • Handling progress and accountability


Franziska von Blarer is a lawyer and a theater educator trained at the Academy for Performing Arts Zürich, today Zürich University of Arts. She has 30 years of experience as a playwright, stage director, actress and drama teacher. For the last 10 years, she has worked as a solution-focused systemic coach certified SySt Institute Munich. In addition to general personal coaching, her specialties include goals concerning performance and areas of cultural or creative activity. She offers open performance seminars and systemic structural constellations for the creative field and for business.

Marco Ronzani is a lawyer and experienced consultant and speaker, who works internationally in solution-focused organizational development. For more than 20 years he has coached CEOs, executives, teams, couples and families. He specializes in initiating and amplifying lasting change in attitude, habit and organizational culture. Marco Ronzani has vast experience as a defence lawyer, professional negotiator and conflict mediator. He is a sought-after keynote conference speaker and leads seminars, workshops and systemic structural constellations. His passion is for all forms of collaborative communication and he trains people in solution-focused conversation, non-violent communication and systemic structural constellations. He has a lectureship for negotiation and mediation at the Law Faculty of the University of Basel.

Franziska and Marco run the Istituto Marco Ronzani, a research and training institute for cooperative communication based in Basel., marco.ronzani(at),


Certified coaches will receive 2 CCEUs for participation
(1,5 Core, 0,5 Resource Development)


18.00 – 18.30 Registration and networking
18.30 – 18.40 Opening
18.40 – 20.40 Workshop: “Patterns of customer relationships…”
20.40 – 21.00 Apéro and networking

15 CHF ICF Switzerland members
25 CHF ICF Global members
35 CHF ICF Guests

Organized by ICF Chapter Basel

Christine Billy, PCC, Chapter Leader


More participants thanks to online event management solutions from XING Events.


Soup and Chill
Solothurnerstrasse 8
4053 Basel



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