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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

Why ICF Certification matters!

Being certified means increased credibility in any profession. For a coach, who works in an area not fully recognized as a profession yet, trust in the body that offers the certifications is key. So, can we trust the International Coaching Federation to deliver the credibility and quality control we expect from a certification?  

Is the effort of going through the certification process worthwhile? 

These are some of the question participants in a series of our Credentialing Webinars were asking themselves and us earlier this month. Around 100 coaches interested in getting certified took the opportunity to engage and ask their questions with ICF credentialing experts in English, French and German.  

Credentialing with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) made easy! webinar took place on June 15, 2021 and gathered 35 very engaged participants keen to learn about the ICF credentialing process at different levels and recent updates. This event was hosted by Gillian Walter, PCC, the Director of Membership Engagement and Nina Giustinian, PCC, the President Elect of ICF Switzerland. 

Currently over 40 000 coaches worldwide trust ICF to represent their interest and chose ICF membership over other associations, making it the largest organization for professionally trained coaching. Of these members, 34500 are certified and the number is increasing every day. In Switzerland the percentage of certified members versus non-certified members is unusually high. We believe that is because in Switzerland coach buying companies know and understand what ICF stands for and therefore prefer to work with ICF certified coaches.  

ICF Global is represented in all European countries through their national ICF Organizations making Europe a key part of ICF Global. There are three Regional Development Managers employed by ICF Global whose sole job is to support development and growth in Europe.  

The feedback we got from some of the participants in the resent webinars was that we managed to demystify and make the certification process feel easier.  

For a well-trained coach with enough experience the certification process is absolutely manageable and worth-while the effort! 

All coaches who have put in the work to be on top of this emerging profession should and can get certified! 

While English is the official language of ICF, many documents and information are available in many other languages. Did you know for example, that you can do a recording of a coaching session needed for the performance evaluation part of the certification in any language of your choice? For recordings in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish or Swedish there is not translation of the transcripts into English needed. ICF has built up a pool of assessors who can process the application in these languages. 

Or, did you know that the event platform on the ICF Global website offers events in 15 European languages? This means you can earn CCEUs (Continued Coach Education Units) necessary for re-certification easily in the language of your choice. ICF Switzerland of course also offers numerous professional development opportunities in English, French, German and Italian. 

ICF is truly the leading voice for the global, European and Swiss coaching community. Since the foundation of ICF in 1995 in the US much has changed. Today it is truly a global organization and due to its membership size and diversity it has the muscle and ability to move the coaching profession into the future. The focus is now on expanding the benefit to members with more offering in the area of research and development and corporate and organizational membership.  

If you want to read more about the new philosophy and structure of ICF with the new 6 family organizations, please go here



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