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Past Events Highlights - February 2022

Zurich Chapter 

Strength-Based Team Coaching 

In January 18 2022, more than 60 participants from across Switzerland and abroad attended the virtual event “Strength-Based Team Coaching”, facilitated by Thomas Freitag. 

What is the ICF understanding of “Team Coaching”? 

Team coaching is a highly effective intervention when it comes to ongoing team development and performance

Based on an evidence-based research project, the ICF has developed a specific set of core competencies that apply to team coaching, which are distinctly different from one-to-one coaching. Under the umbrella “Team Development”, different team development interventions have been identified, as shown in the table below. 

Source: Team-Coaching-Competencies_10.4.21.pdf (

Integration of Key Concepts from Positive Psychology
During the event, Thomas Freitag introduced key concepts from Positive Psychology and showed how they can be applied in team coaching. It became clear that an integrated model, the “strength-based Team Coaching”, enables powerful team interventions. 
Thomas highlighted the following strengths and their importance for the role as team coach: 

  • Character Strengths: Judgment, Leadership, Self-regulation (cf.
  • Talent Themes, Gallup (Clifton Strengths): Strategic, Includer

Selected Highlights from the Breakout-Sessions
We had 3 interactive breakout sessions in which participants discussed different topics in small groups: 

  • What are personal challenges with regards to Team Coaching? 
  • What strengths would help to deal with these challenges? 
  • Positive assumptions: What strengths can I identify in you, without knowing each other? What impact does this assumption have on our dialogue? 
  • PERMA model (Martin Seligman): As Coach, what questions related to the PERMA model would I ask the team? 

The Importance of Supervision for Team Coaches
Due to the complexity of the underlying team dynamics and the risk of getting mired into the internal team dynamics, regular Supervision is highly recommended. 

Further information
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