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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

Christmas Greetings From ICF Switzerland

Dear Coaching Colleagues,

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to take stock and review the passing year. We want to celebrate our achievements and let you know what we have been working on this year.

The ICF Switzerland team set out this year

  • To build the membership by attracting new members and retaining existing members

  • To promote professional coaching by supporting coaches to develop the competencies and become credentialed

  • To offer excellent opportunities for professional development and networking

  • To strengthen the infrastructure of the organisation by building sustainable ways of working and retaining information in the organisation.

And here is what we want to celebrate!

We are delighted that our membership numbers are growing steadily and that more and more coaches are getting credentialed with the ICF. We have again managed to increase the number of local networking events as well as face to face and virtual professional development events in Switzerland.

We thank all the volunteers in the local communities for their hard work and the excellent programs they produced in four languages.

We have attracted many new members to our volunteer teams, and we want to thank all of those who dedicated energy and time to getting our monthly newsletter published, to communicating our events on social media, in helping set up and run our internal digital work tools and new ways of working. There is also a lot of work done behind the scenes in ongoing reporting to ICF Global, answering requests from our members, keeping the website relevant, general admin work and so much more – so a big thank you to all of you involved who make the wheels of this growing organization spinning!

A big thank you also to all who have come forward to offer their knowledge and expertise in events and webinars as well as content for the newsletters and website. We are very proud of our Professional Development events which receive consistent attendance and good feedback. Thank you to all the expert speakers who offer their time.

And finally thank you to our member coaches who contribute to a thriving coaching community in Switzerland with their paid and unpaid work. Society needs coaching and your engagement to evolve and adapt your coaching offering to clients’ needs is remarkable. We plan to show-case the innovative force of coaching in Switzerland in the new year. If you have designed a program, a new tool or want to share new learning – please reach out!

Two big projects have dominated our investment in infrastructure this year.  We have invested time in developing a new website which we are looking forward to launching sometime in Q1 of 2022. More on this soon!

The second project we worked on was to improve how we manage and store information and how we get work done at ICF Switzerland. We are now working with Microsoft 365 products and the project management tool This has enabled us to make work more visible, improved how we allocate resources and our ability to prioritise.

We have been working exclusively online since the pandemic but were able to have our first face to face internal meeting in Zurich at the end of November. It was a smallish group but what a pleasure to meet in person! Some of us had been working together for two years but had never met.

Now we are looking forward to 2022!

Our focus in 2022 will continue to be partly directed internally - on strengthening the organisation and improve the volunteer experience to prepare for further growth. But of course we will continue to offer smaller and bigger events both for community building and professional development to engage our coaching community around Switzerland. Please find out more here about the upcoming VIP event in January with Jean Francois Cousin – Past President of ICF Global live in Lausanne.

We have wonderful new volunteers working with us but are still looking for more support. We are in particular looking for a Director Finance/Treasurer to join the board. If you have an ICF credential and a background in finance, please reach out! We are also looking for experienced coaches who can support us in professional development and national events management, building our social media profile and publishing our newsletter (and more). If you haven’t seen the advertisement and think you or a colleague might like to work with us, please contact us here.

Please don’t forget to register for our virtual AGM and cast your online vote coming up in January or early February!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas season.

Nina Giustiniani

ICF Switzerland



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