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31 Jan 2022

Emozioni in flow per cambiamenti veloci e stabili: il metodo wingwave

Il metodo wingwave® nasce in Germania, ad Amburgo, dalle ricerche e dagli studi di due psicologi e psicoterapeuti, formati in Coaching e autori di…

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01 Feb 2022

ICF Online Open Space in English

The ICF Online Open Space offers a forum where you can exchange ideas with other coaches about your current concerns/topics and questions. You…

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02 Feb 2022

Eine kleine Einführung in den Provokativen Ansatz - Humor und Herausforderung im Coaching

Dieser Vortrag ist wie alle unsere ‚Vorträge‘ interaktiv. Wir geben eine Mini-Einführung in den Provokativen Ansatz. Dieser Ansatz hat sich aus der…

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03 Feb 2022

Virtual Campari Bar – Looking forward to 2022

This Coaches’ Community gathering is about re-connecting with one-another, to review last year and related learnings, to have an opportunity to look…

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16 Feb 2022

L'utilisation de nos pharmacies intérieures avec Dr. Véranne Dury-Charbonnier

Œil sur le coach professionnel : « Le meilleur outil du coach est le coach lui-même ! » dit l’adage. Nos postures professionnelles impliquent une…

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