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16 Dec 2020 | ICF Synergie

Les forces de la Psychologie Positive - Sylvie Ménard

Le coaching bénéficie de la psychologie positive de nombreuses façons.  La science de la psychologie positive s’harmonise parfaitement avec le…

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14 Jan 2021 | ICF Chapter Basel: Virtual event

Attracting clients authentically

In this interactive workshop, we will playfully explore who we are when we allow ourselves our full authentic expression. The workshop will create…

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19 Jan 2021 | ICF Switzerland Chapter Bern: Virtual event

How to use an online whiteboard

Most of our coaching now happens online. Knowing that an important part of coaching is co-creating insights and perspectives using the senses, the use…

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26 Jan 2021 | ICF Chapter Ticino: Virtual event

Introduction to Systemic Coaching with Constellations - Online

This experiential workshop is designed to informally introduce participants to the principles and practices of systemic coaching and constellations…

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27 Jan 2021 | ICF Synergie

L'identification du mensonge en Coaching - Giorgios Bouronikos

Inspiré des recherches du Professeur Paul Ekman, du Professeur Dawn Archer, du psychologue Cliff Lansley et de ma recherche académique en cours, ce…

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