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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

Not an ICF Member

ICF is advancing the coaching profession so coaching becomes an integral part of society. Our members lead this journey by representing the highest quality in professional coaching.

To become a member of the ICF and the Switzerland Chapter you first need to join ICF Global which is based in America. When you click on the JOIN THE ICF button it will take you to the Global ICF website to process your online application. As all Global ICF Membership is applied for through America your membership fee will be calculated in dollars.

As part of the application through Global ICF you will be asked if you wish to affiliate to your local chapter, in this instance select Switzerland Chapter. This will automatically add your Switzerland Chapter Membership fee to the overall Global ICF Membership fee.



Membership Prices 

New ICF Memberships are prorated monthly. New members who join ICF after April 30 will pay prorated membership dues based on the number of months remaining in the ICF membership year. New members who join ICF in January, February or March will pay prorated membership dues based on the number of months remaining in the current ICF membership year plus all 12 months of the next ICF membership year.

Jan306.25 197.50 503.75
Feb285.83 184.33 470.16
Mar265.42 171.17 436.59
Apr245.00 158.00 403.00
May224.58 144.83 369.42
Jun204.17 131.67 335.83
Jul183.75 118.50302.25
Aug163.33 105.33 268.67
Sep142.92 92.17235.08
Oct122.50 79.00201.50



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