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Federal Diploma “Supervisor-Coach”

What is it all about?

The Confederation (Swiss government) has approved a federal diploma called « Supervisor-Coach » on 12th March 2015 designated to professionals in the coaching/consulting area. This diploma is supported by four major associations: BSO, SCA, ASC and SavoirSocial, and is now available throughout Switzerland. Depending on the success and the examination process of this diploma, it might become a valuable recruiting instrument for professional Coaches in small and mid-size companies as well as government and administrative institutions.

Update winter 2017: Three members (PCC and MCC) of ICF Switzerland passed the first exams held in Switzerland and received the Federal Diploma Supervisor-Coach via the abbreviated process!

How to pass the diploma examination?

There are currently 2 ways to pass the exam, 

  1. Go through specific training, or 
  2. Leverage your existing experience and do an abbreviated version under the so-called 

“Gleichwertigkeit”, “Equivalence” or “Equipollenza”. 

For this you have to submit a number of documents to prove your experience.

  • Fulfill the admission conditions based on the examination law. Coaches (PCC/MCC) who had completed a coach training with a thesis had to submit the document, plus a coaching concept plus proof of supervision and intervision sessions. Coaches whose coach training did not include a formal thesis were admitted to the final oral exam only after contesting the first refusal to admittance of the exam.
  • Follow the subscription procedure
  • Pay a fee of CHF 3200.- for the subscription and examination 
  • Cost for registering for the exam under abbreviated conditions – CHF 1900 – fees 2017
  • Proof of pre-requisites in terms of Coaching and/or Supervision experience
  • Oral examination with a jury of expert
  • It is currently not possible to pass the exam in English.

Do I have to follow a specific training?

NO - It is not mandatory to complete a Coach training as long as the Coach can validate his/her experience. Some training schools offer a preparation course for the examination. The abbreviated version will most likely be available until 2019, after this only specifically trained candidates will be eligible for the exam.

How does ICF view this matter?

  • The ICF welcomes the government’s intent to provide guidance in an unregulated market, since the title “Coach” is currently not protected. This federal diploma “Supervisor-Coach” demonstrates the progression and recognition of the Coach profession in Switzerland. The examination is in a development phase and will evolve over the next years based on the experience made.
  • Based on the example of other federal diplomas in different field such as adult training, we expect a more profound examination process in about 2 years’ time. For this diploma to be regionally recognized with organizations, we expect a maturity phase of approximately 10 years.
  • Based on our information, the title of supervisor corresponds to the culture of the social domain for which the coaching interventions are named “Supervision”. This is not at all in line with the concept of Supervision that ICF declares. The diploma “Supervisor-Coach” with the hyphen is therefore reserved for individuals receiving the federal diploma. Outside that domain, professionals can continue to call themselves Coach and or Supervisor.
  • Our ICF board has not been involved with this process. At this stage, the description is not aligned with our 11 core competences, or with our code of ethics nor to the fact that ICF clearly distinguishes the profession of Coach and that of the Supervisor.
  • It is the intention of the ICF Board to become more involved in the shaping of the Brevet Federal “Supervisor-Coach” in order to ensure that the definition of Coaching will reflect ICF’s Core Competencies and high standards of Ethical Guidelines. 

More information

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