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International Coaching Federation Switzerland

Past Chapter and Co-Chapter Leaders

The purpose of this space is to remember and celebrate all the wonderful volunteers who have given their energy and time as Chapter and Co-Chapter Leaders to ICF Switzerland over the years. It is a place where they can share their experience as volunteers and tell us a bit more about themselves.  

The list of volunteers is not complete as this is voluntary, and the texts are the Chapter and Co-Chapter Leaders own words written in their language(s) of their choice. 

Christiane Kosub, PCC

Chapter Leader Basel (2020-2021)

Als ich 2008 von Berlin nach Basel kam, hatte ich das grosse Glück, Peter Szabó zu begegnen und damit dem lösungsorientierten Ansatz im Coaching. Nachdem ich eine Coachingausbildung bei den Solutionsurfers zusammen mit anderen Coaches aus der ganzen Welt gemacht hatte, suchte ich nach einer Organisation, die u.a. eine hohe Qualität im Coaching, lebenslanges Lernen und Partnering mit den Kunden unterstützt. So wurde ich 2011 ICF Mitglied und als PCC zertifiziert.

Damals gab es leider kein ICF Chapter Basel mehr. Umso mehr habe ich mich gefreut, in einem engagierten internationalen Team von Coaches: 

Internationalen Coaching Woche im Mai 2017 mitzuwirken.

Toni Canovas (Chapter Leiter), Vinay Deshpande (Co-Chapter Leiter), Christine Billy (Co-Chapter Leiterin), Peter Staub, Michi Bieder - bei der Reaktivierung des ICFS Chapters Basel während der Mai 2017.  

Im Januar 2019 hat Christine Billy die Leitung des Chapters Basel übernommen und ich wurde Chapter Basel Co-Leiterin. In der ganzen Zeit konnten wir viele interessante und inspirierende Events für die Coaches-Community, meist in Englisch, aber auch in Deutsch organisieren wie zum Beispiel: ROI of coaching - A joint event with SIETAR on intercultural coaching – Coaching when Life does not stick to plan -Constellation work in Coaching …

Als im März 2020 die Corona Pandemie in der Schweiz ausbrach, übernahm ich die Chapter Leitung von Basel und stellte das ganze Angebot auf online um. Ich konnte das spannende Open Space Format einführen, eine wunderbare Plattform zum Austausch für die Coaches Community zur gegenseitigen Unterstützung und zu allen Themen, die gerade von Interesse sind. Inzwischen gibt es auch das Open Space in Deutsch gemeinsam mit dem Chapter Zürich und Bern.

Seit 2020 ist Lilly Sitzler Spicher mit im ICFS Chapter Basel Team und Co-Chapter Leiterin. Ich freue mich sehr, dass sie das ICFS Chapter Basel nun als Chapter Leiterin übernimmt und wünsche ihr und dem Team alles Gute für eine weiterhin erfolgreiche und freudvolle Chapterarbeit.

Ich bleibe weiterhin ein aktives Mitglied der ICF und unterstütze als Mentor Coach die Weiterent-wicklung der Coaches.


Veronica de la Fuente, ACC

Chapter Leader Suisse Romande (2017- 2020)

Je m'appelle Verónica de la Fuente, chilienne - suisse. Je suis devenue membre d'ICF Suisse en 2013, lorsque je suis revenue en Suisse pour m'installer définitivement, après avoir vécu et travaillé dans d'autres cultures.

J’ai suivi ma formation de coach au Brésil et je suis un coach accrédité ACC et en voie de devenir PCC. Mon expertise en coaching est le "coaching interculturel", que je pratique depuis plus de 10 ans, en accompagnant des individus, des équipes et des organisations face aux défis culturels de notre monde globalisé et en les soutenant dans le développement de leur « Intelligence interculturelle ». 

En 2015, j'ai rejoint Esther Goette en tant que co-responsable du chapitre en Suisse Romande et deux ans plus tard, j'ai assumé le rôle de responsable de chapitre. 

Durant cette période au sein d'ICF Suisse, j’ai eu la chance de rencontrer de nombreuses personnes auxquelles j’en suis très reconnaissante, et qui m'ont fait grandir en tant que coach et en tant qu'être humain. ICF est sans aucun doute une communauté de partage où nous pouvons trouver des ressources, des valeurs et des bonnes pratiques qui enrichissent notre métier de coach. 

Je vous invite à être bénévole dans notre section, c'est une expérience formidable !


Catherine Hickel, PCC 

Co-Chapter Leader Suisse Romande (2015- 2020)

After 15 years in management consulting and executive search consulting in Brussels, I relocated with my family to Switzerland in 2014. As I was launching my own career coaching practice at that time, contacting the local ICF Chapter seemed like a natural thing to do to liaise with peers and build a local professional network of colleagues and potential partners.

As I like to remember, I immediately felt welcome by the local team, thanks to the natural warmth of Veronica De la Fuente and Esther Goette, leading the Swiss Romande Chapter at the time. So I gladly joined the team, and contributed as a co-Chapter Leader subsequently.

The rest of my experience at ICFS is history. Although I am stepping down today, after 6 years, I will for sure stay an active supporter and unconditional ambassador of ICF, translating part of your monthly newsletter for example.

I have been a member of ICF Switzerland since 2014 and currently hold a PCC certification.


Romina Henle, PCC 

Co-Chapter Leader Ticino (2016 - 2017)
Chapter Leader Ticino (2017 - 2021)

Becoming an ICF member was decided even before I was trained as a coach. I perceived the importance, especially of being a credential coach, while I was still at university and working in the HR field. This made deciding where to get trained easier: The programme had to be world class and recognized by ICF as ACTP. I studied educational sciences, psychology and sociology in Germany where I wrote her master thesis on selection processes for external business coaches. It was an explorative study among large, international companies on behalf of Mazda Motor Europe which was nominated for the German Coaching Award 2008 by the major Coaching association in Germany Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V. (DBVC) and published.

I initially decided to be a global member affiliated locally to the Bangkok Chapter as I was delivering a Coaching programmed in the power industry there at that time. I became a member of our Swiss Chapter upon returning to Switzerland. I started serving ICF as a member of the ICF Global Nominating Committee and was involved in the candidate nomination process for ICF Global Board positions from 2015 to 2017. In 2016 she also joined the Swiss Chapter as Co-Chapter Leader Ticino and took over the Chapter Leadership in 2017. Since the start of 2021 I am serving as Professional Development Director at Swiss board level and in March I handed over the Ticino Chapter leadership to Elena Goos & Mariarosa Nava. I am pleased to have Mariarosa on board as new member as Co-Chapter Leader and Elena stepping up to be the new Chapter Leader: a big applause to both ofthem! Davide Brambilla and myself will keep supporting the Chapter Ticino. Davide is responsible for accounting and administrative support and I will continue taking care of partnerships and the relationships with media locally.

My main focus at Chapter level was on promoting our profession and ICFS activities at local level, but I was also strongly involved in the Swiss-wide efforts and initiatives. Recently, for example, I was part of the Core Coaching Summit 2020 Team and leading the speakers experience’s project stream in the largest event ICFS has ever delivered. This means I had the great pleasure to engage the fabulous contributors of this virtual event, such as Henry Kimsey-House and Marita Fridjhon, and curate their sessions. It was exciting to have a huge program to be shaped in a very short time. It was challenging yet inspiring as I could build on my strong network, my creativity and lean into being part of a collaborative effort with each of the team members creating magic in their own work stream area: The entire Coaching Summit Team was made up of extremly passionate and competent professionals. Serving at the board level is an expansion and consolidation of her involvement in the ICF organisation as well as in the development of our profession.